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My Book Journey, Part 1

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

In last week’s update, I mentioned I would change my posts from a chronological order and mix them up a bit. So, here we go.

In the next series of posts, I will share with you how I came to write my first nonfiction book, and some of the lessons learned along the way.

When people hear I am writing a book, most immediately assume it is about my travel journeys. They are somewhat right and not exactly.

So, let me start from the beginning. In order to do this, I’ve had to ask myself ‘Where is the beginning?’. I found the answer was different each time I reflected, so I will begin with what I believe was a key turning point in my life.

Plowing the field

You may recall in my post It’s time for a Breakthrough, I experienced a pivotal turning point in my life ten years ago after working with a coach and as a result of this experience, I had a major shift in my beliefs about myself.

Prior to this, the discussions in my head told me I couldn’t write, I wasn’t articulate, I had a limited vocabulary, and so on. The possibility of even considering writing a book wasn’t conceivable, let alone actually writing and publishing one.

This Personal Breakthrough Experience process enabled me to clear out old thinking and beliefs and set a new foundation for a more positive thought processes and self-beliefs.

Planting seeds

After this breakthrough experience, I began journaling and found myself writing crazy affirmations, even when I didn’t consciously think I would act upon some of them, such as I am an actor, I am creative, I am an author, and so on.

As I continued my inward focus and investing time on my personal development, one improvement lead to another and my entire life focus began shifting. These steps were imperative in this journey, along with two additional moments of significance.

The first was in 2016 just as I was heading off on my world tour. A good friend, who is a highly intuitive energy healer said to me, ‘…and you’ll have a book within six months of your return.’

I can’t say I put too much thought into this, however it was another seed planted and it certainly stuck in the back of my mind.

Late 2016 I was attending an advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza [Meet My Future Self]. In this workshop I created a mind-movie which, simply put, is a vision board in a movie format, complemented with sound, music, words and so on.

I didn’t have a specific topic or title in mind when creating the mind-movie; the focus was primarily on a best-selling book…ha, ha…that would help others in their journey. Typically you should review your mind-movie on a regular basis, e.g. daily. In my case, I just pulled it out every so often, mostly not so often.

Now throughout my travels, the possibility of a book was still in the back of my mind. When I would bring the idea to the forefront of my thoughts, writing a book about my travel journeys just didn’t seem to convince me; after all, I had the travel blog.

Late in 2017 as I was going to sleep one evening I put the question out there, ‘if I were to write a book, what would/should it be about?’. Lo and behold, in my dreamy, waking-up state, the answer came to me! I was amazed and of course so excited!

So, can you take a guess as to what the answer could be?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Click here to read part two.

In the meantime, stay tuned and happy journeys,


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