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My Book Journey, Part 2

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

In last week’s update, I shared where the idea came from to write my first non-fiction book.

Are you still wondering about the answer

I received for the topic of my book?

I’ll give you a hint…

At the time I asked the question, ‘if I were to write a book, what would/should it be about?’, I was in the middle of my formal training in Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy. If you recall, from past posts, I signed up for ABET training after I had my first ABET sessions early in 2017 [A Journey with ABET].

When I woke up the next morning, the answer was so astonishingly clear and concise AND it met my purpose of being able to help others.

Yes, the answer was to write about Asian Bio-Energetics.

There is just so much great information about ABET, and it seemed very few have heard of this, so it seemed like a great way and a great opportunity to share.

Even though it was difficult to contain my excitement, like a kid with a secret, I kept the thought of this idea to myself for a few weeks until our course had concluded; after all, there wasn’t much time between the study, work and practice.

Once I completed my ABET certification, I began outlining the core topics I had in my head, and in this process I thought that including patient experiences with ABET would make the book more well-rounded and interesting.

With this thought, I approached Cory, our ABET instructor, and shared with her the book concept and asked if she’d like to contribute patient experiences. I was thrilled that she was just as excited as me.

My original intent was to conclude my travel journeys after my ABET training and return to the US. With the book concept in mind, and working with Cory to document patient experiences, I decided to extend my stay in Thailand. After all, my only hard timeline to be back in the US for a family reunion early that summer.

One of the most amazing realizations about this experience, is that I immediately saw that every step I had taken in the past few years, every investment I made in my personal development, all the learnings, and healings that took place was coming to fruition in a new form. For example:

  • I had no question or doubt this was the right thing to do.

  • I had no doubt that although I had never written or published a book, I was going to make this happen.

  • I was sure that I may have bumps along the way, and these would be overcome, no matter what.

  • Normally I would start with a goal or expected outcome and work my way backwards. In this case, I just knew this would work in the end, without having a specific outcome, other than to share knowledge and help others. Of course, this goes against my logical thinking.

On a personal level, my old self wouldn’t have allowed me to even contemplate writing the book, period. My old self wouldn’t have thought me worthy or told myself, ‘what can I say that hasn’t been said in some form or another?’. Which I found strange, as professionally I was always driven and excited by taking on the ‘new’ (regardless if it was my previous background or not), taking on the unknown and taking on challenging situations that required severe turnaround.

The fact that I had no doubt &

the fact I did not question my ability

was the outcome of all my personal development.

With this, I made arrangements to renew my travel visa, settled in, and began writing my first book.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll share more about this journey and some key lessons I learned along the way.

In the meantime, stay tuned and happy journeys,


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