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Natural Healing Techniques with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy (ABET) is a book of natural, holistic, & complementary techniques.

It addresses root cause of health problems, how to rebalance your body’s energy points so you feel better and more energized.

Are you tired of suffering from ailments and diseases such as anxiety, allergies, diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, migraines, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps, stress, and more?


Are you tired of taking prescription drugs to address your symptoms and yet never solving the root cause of your health issue? Are you looking to improve your overall health and emotional well-being?

In this book, Joanne shares natural healing techniques she learned along her travels throughout Southeast Asia. These natural techniques help address the cause of health problems, not the symptoms. They help balance your body, enabling it to self-regulate better.


These natural techniques are some of the oldest in the world that originate from Japan, China, and Tibet, and form a part of Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy.

This book is for you if want to take charge of your health and are searching for:

Wholistic wellness

Natural ways to improve your health

Natural ways to maintain and balance your mind and body

Natural ways to support your body’s innate ability to self-heal

Complementary and alternative ways to reduce your dependency on medications

Simple, effective, and easy-to-learn natural techniques that fit within your busy lifestyle

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It’s also for you if you are just simply curious.


What Others Are Saying

★★★★★ -- Interesting, Informative, Life Changing....if you let it.

This book is a lovely introduction to a different approach of looking after yourself in a very natural way. Less synthetic medication must be a good thing for our bodies and our pockets. Very easy to read and great to follow Joanne on her journey, looking forward to the next book! -- Amazon review: Sam A. --

★★★★★ -- Informative

I really enjoyed reading about the changes you made in your life and your focus on your wellbeing. It was also great to be able to contact you and ask you some additional questions. Thanks. -- Amazon review: Barbara L. --

★★★★★ -- Intriguing, fascinating & easy to read!

Very well written! Easy to read and understand even if someone isn't familiar with these methods. I have gifted this book a few times already and will continue to. I use it as a reference guide as well. Great work! -- Amazon review: Amy M. --

★★★★★ -- Well written. Easy to follow most techniques!

This book is a great reference for anyone who considers natural healing techniques for well being. Well written, easy read and well explained on how to use each technique. Well done Joanne and thank you for sharing your experience with us! -- Amazon review: Tam P. --

★★★★★ -- It all makes sense now!

I just finished this book and all I can say is "wow, it all makes sense now "! So much information and so many suggestions. I plan on further studying some of the techniques discussed and I am looking forward to incorporating these techniques and suggestions in my daily routine. I highly recommend this book if you want a fresh new perspective on your health. -- Amazon review: Nikki -

★★★★★ -- BUY IT if you want to feel healthy and balanced!

LOVED this BOOK! Simple techniques and explanations for living a healthier, stronger, more balanced life. Some things I was reminded of, and some health options were new to me. I earmarked half the book. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to feel better, naturally. -- Amazon review: Jacqueline G --

★★★★★ -- A MUST KEEP

Lots of good information in here! The book revealed a treasure-trove of techniques to provide readers with deep intuitive knowledge for naturally improving their minds and bodies. Such rich discussions regarding the benefits of changing diet, breathing techniques, detoxing, fasting, sleep suggestions, and much more. Although very well covered by the author, the book leaves you wanting to learn even more about the deep and useful practices of Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy. "A MUST KEEP" for all bookshelves to refer back to when needed! -- Amazon review: Debra D. –

★★★★★ -- Great book

Love this book! Great information and really easy to read! I would recommend it!! – Amazon review

★★★★★ -- Informative and Enlightening

Love all the information gathered into one book that is fluid and easy to read! A great introduction into a more holistic way of living and different perspectives on how health care should be! Very much recommend this book!!! --Amazon review --

★★★★ -- Editorial Review: Readers' Favorite

As one who believes that ancient therapies used in Eastern countries often achieve better outcomes than the pharmaceuticals prescribed by Western medical practitioners, and who has seen conclusive evidence that positive energy and simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve health, I urge anyone who is battling one or more of the ailments that are so common in Western society to read this book and consider the potential of the techniques described. And I recommend it also to anyone who wants to ensure they and/or their loved ones maintain optimum health and energy. - Lorraine Cobcroft | Readers' Favorite | read full review at: readersfavorite.com/book-review/natural-healing-techniques

★★★★★ -- Editorial Review: Indies Today

Joanne Klepal has written a valuable resource for people seeking to learn about Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy. Anyone who believes in a mind-body connection regarding healthy living will surely enjoy reading Natural Healing Techniques. - Dave Allen | Indies Today | read full review at: indiestoday.com/natural-healing-techniques-joanne-klepa