Reiki can help improve just about any aspect of your life. It can help your physical, mental and emotional well-being and easily complements Western medicine and therapies.

Reiki is a deeply relaxing, stress reducing, hands-on technique which promotes healing. Reiki originated in Japan and Asia and uses energy to balance the mind, body, emotions, and soul.



Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy [ABET] is a combination of lifestyle habits, holistic and non-invasive natural healing techniques, which rebalance your body’s energy channels.

ABET views your mind, body and emotions as an interconnected, energetic ‘whole’ and is founded on some of the core principles and concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Transform your life with professional coaching and a Personal Breakthrough experience. We will work with your unconscious mind to change your conscious behaviors and actions using a variety of prove techniques.

When you make change within YOU, the world around you will notice and change to respond to the new you.


Lose weight, stop smoking, increase your confidence, overcome fears, improve sports performance and so much more with Hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a natural state which occurs when you combine mental and physical relaxation with therapeutic imagery and suggestions. It allows your conscious and subconscious to become aligned.


Reiki is a wonderful gift and offers so many incredible benefits. Learn energy healing with Reiki levels I, II and Master Teacher - Usui/Tibetan and Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki.

Reiki courses are taught in person and take place at various locations. Classes are small and personalized with hands-on practice to build your confidence.



Long term stress negatively impacts employees mental, physical and emotional well-being; this impacts your bottom line in the form of productivity loss, absenteeism, lack of motivation, turn-over and much more.

Improve your corporate health and improve your employees mental, physical, and emotional well-being with Reiki, meditation, and coaching.


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Disclaimer: Reiki, ABET, NLP,  Time Line Therapy™ practitioners and Clinical Hypnotherapists do not diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, perform medical treatments and do not interfere with the treatment of a licensed healthcare professional.

It is recommended that you see a licensed healthcare professional before making any changes to your health practice and for any physical or psychological ailments.

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