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Health is a state of complete harmony of the BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT.






You are on your unique path in this world and it’s never a straight path. There are times you fly high and times you stumble and fall. Times you feel like you’ve lost your way. Times you detour, because you followed somebodys else’s expectations and directions.


Stay true to yourself, listen to your own voice and follow your unique path. Our greatest challenges, fears, falls and detours become our greatest strengths and achievements. After all it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Live Your Yellow Brick Road is about YOU, living your life to the fullest.

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Why Live Your Yellow Brick Road?

Your path is different and unique to anybody else’s. Sometimes you feel lost, get stuck, or are faced with overwhelming obstacles. The great news is that your present and future do not need to be defined by your past or by your health.


You are responsible and have control to create your future and to become a better version of yourself, if you want to. I understand that sometimes we cannot see out of our windows and need a helping hand to get us moving in the direction of our dreams, and to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being.


I have personally used all the services I offer, such as Reiki, Asian Bio-Energetics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, meditation and more, in my own personal development. These tools have served me well and I am excited to share and leverage them to help you along your journey. Whether you want….

  • To reduce stress or feel more energized with Reiki

  • Natural, holistic and complementary healing techniques to improve your health with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy

  • To achieve a goal or progress in your career with coaching and a Personal Breakthrough Experience using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy™

  • To relax with Yoga Nidra or mediation



I am a master of change and transformation with an intense passion for continuous personal growth & development. I am trained in Reiki, Asian Bio-Energetics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™, Change Management, and an ordained minister and author.

My purpose is to inspire and empower others to live a happy, healthy and successful life.


Wholeness & Balance

We are souls which are interconnected by our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Like a broken table leg, if one leg is off-balance, so is the whole.

  • Do things always appear to go wrong?

  • Do you often beat yourself up?


  • Do you experience pain or disease?


  • Do you get sick often?


  • Do you feel your life is empty?


  • Do you feel anger, guilt, grief, unfulfilled?

These are signs and symptoms that something is not balanced.

It could be your thinking; it could be an emotion, like anger or guilt, you haven’t let go of; it could be a result of bad lifestyle choices; it could be a programmed belief that no longer serves you.

Live Your Yellow Brick Road is about looking holistically at the whole picture, the whole you, resolving the root cause, and bringing your whole being into balance again.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

May 2024
Day (1/2)
Meet the Author | Mastery of the Mind Book: The Pathway to Empowerment
+1 more
Day (2/2)
Meet the Author | Mastery of the Mind Book: The Pathway to Empowerment
+1 more
+2 more
6:00 PM
Kundalini Yoga
+1 more
6:00 PM
Kundalini Yoga
+1 more

Looking Inward

You have all you need within you…

For perfect health

For success

To achieve your goal

To overcome your obstacles

Sometimes, we forget to listen to our bodies, and to our intuition.

Sometimes, we are so busy looking for answers externally, we forget to look inward.

Sometimes, we forget to take a step back and ask ourselves what it is we really want.

Sometimes, we forget to revisit our values and belief systems.

Sometimes, we forget that change begins within.

Sometimes, we just need help remembering what we already know.

Live Your Yellow Brick Road is about tapping into your inner self to find the solutions perfect for you.


What Others Are Saying

  • Do you have to place your hands on me during a Reiki session?
    Reiki can be given primarily in three ways: - By lightly placing the practitioners hands on specific places on the body - By placing the practitioners hands above the body (hands hover specific points on the body) - It can also be given remotely from a distance. You do not have to be in the presence of the practitioner in order to receive Reiki energy healing. You do not even have to be in the the same room, the same city, or even in the same country to receive the benefits of Reiki. Ensure to discuss your preference with your practitioner.
  • Can a Reiki session be given remotelly or from a distance?
    Absolutely! Reiki energy healing can be given to anyone, anywhere at anytime. You do not have to be in the presence of the practitioner in order to receive Reiki energy healing. You do not even have to be in the the same room, the same city, or even in the same country to receive the benefits of Reiki.
  • Where did Reiki originate?
    Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, is credited for introducing Reiki in Japan in 1922, however it is known that there were other similar hands-on healing techniques being practiced at the time both in Japan and Tibet. Hands-on healing techniques are known to go back thousands of years.
  • How Does Reiki Feel?
    The effects of a reiki session will vary from person to person and from session to session. How your body senses energy determines your experience. You may feel sensations from the practitioner’s hands, such as cold, heat, slight tingling or energy; you may see colors; or nothing at all Many clients are so peaceful and relaxed they fall asleep. Awake or sleep, you will still receive all the benefits of your Reiki session.
  • What should I do before my Reiki session?
    • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. • Bring or wear socks to keep your feet warm. • Quietly reflect prior to the session, check how you are feeling physically and emotionally, and notice any thoughts. • Think about your intention for your session. • Journal your intention, thoughts and feelings. • Come hydrated; drink plenty of water. •Arrive on time or a few minutes before your session.
  • What happens during my Reiki session?
    • Your practitioner will discuss your needs with you. • You will lie down comfortably on a treatment table, fully dressed. A session may also be given sitting in a chair. • Using specific hand positions, your practitioner will lightly and gently touch specific points on your body, starting from your head and ending at your feet. •Your practitioner will let you know when your Reiki session is complete.
  • What should I do after my Reiki session?
    • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. • Dedicate quiet time after your session, 15-20 minutes. • Reflect on your experience, journal any insights or clarity you may. • Eat healthy foods during the day. •Remember, the benefits of Reiki can continue after your session is over.
  • Where is Reiki practiced?
    Reiki is practiced globally in many hospitals and private practices, is a great complement to Western medical treatments. Reiki is now one of the top three complementary in-patient therapies in U.S. hospitals, according to an AHA survey. A 2008 American Hospital Association survey found that 84 percent of hospitals reported patient demand as the primary rationale in offering complementary medicine services, including Reiki.
  • What is the science behind Reiki?
    Scientific evidence outlined in The Spirit of Reiki and an article by William Lee Rand in the Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2005, explains the ins and outs of how Reiki works and that it can be measured by electromagnetic fields. Rand’s article states: Through the use of magnetograms, it has been found that each organ in the body has a pulsing electromagnetic field. When the organ is healthy, it pulses within a certain range of frequencies, but when it is unhealthy, it moves out of the healthy range... ...The hands of healers have been found to produce strong pulsating pulsing electromagnetic fields, whereas pulsing fields are not found around the hands of non-healers. When a healer treats someone who is sick, the healer’s hands begin pulsing at a rate that the unhealthy organs or tissues they are treating needs to be healthy. Through the process of magnetic induction or Faradays Law, the healer’s hands induce the healthy frequency into the unhealthy electromagnetic field of the organ thus helping the organ to return to a healthy state.
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