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Just Breathe!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

For breath is life, so if you breathe well, you will live long on earth.

- Sanskrit Proverb

It’s been over thirteen years now since I began my journey of personal development, exploration, and spiritual path. As each year passes, I learn more and more new healing modalities and can see that although different, many have similar foundations. All having the foundations of ‘change begins within’.

I’m in love with Breathwork!

One of my favorite modalities that I’ve had a chance to taste over the years, mostly through different yoga instructors, is breathwork.

A few years back, I began searching for structured ways and training of using breath: these searches came up empty. Even while I was in India a few years ago and inquired with my Ayurvedic doctor and Yoga Trainer, I was advised I should take Yoga Teacher Training. At the time I wasn’t interested in that! Given my broader understanding of yoga today, I wouldn’t dismiss it.

Regardless, over the years, I’ve incorporated various breath techniques I learned into my meditative practices. I’ve used them when I’m feeling stuck and when I feel I need to change my physical, emotional & mental state.

Separately, in the last year or so, it dawned on me that some physical nuances, that I took for being the ‘norm’ for me because it’s been that way as long as I can remember, could be a symptom of stagnant energy needing to be moved and released. My gut tells me this stagnation goes very deep.

So, I began incorporating energy work/practices, such as acupuncture, massage, myofascial release, and breathwork. It was earlier this year when working with energy & breathwork with a specific focus on releasing the root cause of the tension and pain in my shoulders, jaws, and lower back that I really began to see I was on track. I also began to better see the connection of energy and specifically how the root cause and problems resided in or was related to my lower chakras.

One of the breath practices I incorporated was a two-part Pranayama Breath technique which is taught by David Elliott, who is renowned for his breathwork experience.

OMG! The intensity of the experiences I was having made me realize there is so much more to breathwork! The breathwork just moves energy in places you don’t even realize.

As a result, it was time for me to rekindle my search for structured breathwork. In March, I decided to participate in his Healer Training (all levels) (it was the first live class I could book without being on a waitlist)? This is why I’ve spent a good portion of October in New Mexico.

I had practiced so much and reviewed all the prerequisite reading twice before the training, so I was feeling good already. I felt the in-person experience would just top it all off.

My initial purpose for this training was:

· to take my personal breathwork practice further

· to begin sharing this gift in group settings

This intense training was way beyond expectations! How?

· it took my personal practice up a few levels

· it allowed me to work more intuitively with my body

· it allowed me to open up to the possibility of offering breathwork for one-on-one private sessions

· Before booking this training, I had already begun scheduling themed breath workshops starting this November. The training has widened the breadth of ideas and creative ways to use breathwork for both 1-2-1 session and group settings. I’m even more excited !

Below, you’ll find a few short videos providing a daily recap of experiences.

DAY 1 - Experience

DAY 2 - Experience

DAY 3 - Experience

DAY 4 - Experience

DAY 5 & 6 - Experience

DAY 7 - Experience

DAY 7 - Experience

DAY 8 - Experience

I am grateful for the advanced practice, for the experiences had during training, and for the new soul connections and friendships made.

I am grateful and even more excited share with you this powerful breathwork practice & new healing modality for both individual and private and public group settings.

Want to experience this breathwork yourself?

Now that your Emerald Coast Breath Facilitator is in the house, you can!


request a private one on one session directly:


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