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Key Insights from IBCP Conference 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

It's hard to believe that October has nearly come & gone!

Speaking of gone, some of you asked where I was this month.

For the1st weekend, I am full of gratitude to have attended the IBCP Conference in LA, where a variety of presenters shared great info.

Over the next few days, I will share some key takeaway from a few sessions.

Thank you #IBCP for putting together such valuable information.

To start...Takeaway #1 | Michael Stevenson, Founder Transform Destiny

Be a lighthouse, not a life boat.

What does this mean for you? How are you shining your light?

Listen here:

Takeaway #2

Topic: 3D You Tube Ads Strategy

Presenter: Aleric Heck, Founder of AdOutreach™

Focus on the Why & What

1) interest & affiliation

2) demographics, geographics, income

3) INTENT - right person, right place, right time

Listen Here:

Takeaway #3

Topic: Secrets of Online Influence

Presenter: Deborah Cole, Founder 1st Minute Media

1) you don’t have to be on EVERY social media platform

2) pick one/s relevant to your audience & stick with it (until another one is more relevant & move with that)

3) video is important in creating relationships

4) stop listening to your inner critic, nobody else cares – so just do it

Listen Here:

Takeaway #4

Topic: Four Ways to Grow Your Business Using CALM

Presenter: Nikki Gangemi, Founder, Mindful Matters LLC

C) CONSCIOUS of your emotions & feelings

A) AWARE & ASK (thoughts, language, beliefs)

L) LEAN into possibility

M) MAKE a new choice or decision

Nikki really demonstrated an easy way to solve problems being creative utilizing tools such as NLP.

The above approach can be used for any problem or issue you face.

Listen Here:

Takeaway #5

Topic: Too Many to Name! 🙃

Celebrity Guest Speaker: Glenn Morshower

You may not know that you know Glenn Morshower, and if you look him up, I’m sure you'll realize just who he is.

There was just so much great insight shared by Glenn, you'd have to be there to appreciate it all.

He is an engaging and humorous storyteller, and one nugget worth sharing is what he calls four ‘Rooms of Consciousness’:





Listen to learn more and whenever you're stuck or on a negative thinking path, consciously ask which room you're in and make a decision to change it.

I also added a new word to my vocabulary: PRONOIA

Again, listen here to learn more!

I hope you enjoyed these useful insights.

Click here to see additional adventures this October!


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