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Healing Humans & Animals with Reiki

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Healing Humans & Animals with Reiki

I'm excited to announce that Live Your Yellow Brick Road has partnered with Alaqua Animal Refuge and Kindness Kollective to bring you Healing Humans and Animals with Reiki.

This is an amazing & unique opportunity to learn how to heal yourself, others, & animals using calm, peaceful Reiki energy.

This is a two-day Reiki Level One training incorporating lots of practice on humans and animals.

You’ll walk away from this special training with loads of confidence in your Reiki practice, incorporating humans & animals, while also contributing to Alaqua Animal Refuge (a portion of your proceeds benefit Alaqua).

Alaqua Animal Refuge is a perfect location for your energetic transformations, located on over 100 acres in Freeport, FL. You’ll be training outdoors with the elements of nature under the Tee Pees.


Learn more & full details, go to:

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