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Just Breathe & Give Thanks

For many, every month, every week, every day can be stressful with the challenges of coping with life, work, family, health, friends, and so on, but this time of year, you have the additional holiday stress.

The holidays may even trigger feelings of emptiness, feelings of loneliness, which can be hard to shake off. Many even express they feel depressed; others feel too ashamed to admit it or even say it outloud.

For as long as I can remember, this time of year always brings back lots of sadness; when the darkness sets in early and the feel of chill in the air. Until now, I never really took the time to think about what that's really all about.

So, I allowed myself a short pity party a few days ago and finally picked up my journal (which I've been so complacent with for a while now). I admit, sometimes I resist journaling, and it typically means I'm resisting looking at something within me.

I became aware of some childhood memories that could be the trigger for this sadness. Generally, Christmas was not a happy time. I believe my recent breath work has started to open me up to these memories.

One year during the holiday season, around the age of seven or eight, I recall living with my mother, an older sister and brother and younger sister. I recall sometimes we could afford heat, and sometimes not. I remember thinking that I only wanted to be able to afford to give them all a gift.

Shortly after, we were taken from my mothers care (or lack of), and were temporarily placed with my oldest sister, until we were eventually placed in separate foster homes the following January.

Over the years, there have been additional events around the holiday season, that were, what we would call in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & TimeLine Therapy, significant emotional events.

There are many tools to help you get to the root cause and release these emotions that no longer serving you, and I've used different healing modalities on my journey including NLP, Timeline Therapy, and breath work.

The following day after I had my self pity party (SPP), I did my breathwork & other morning practices and felt soooo good. My mindset completely turned to what I can be doing, what I wanted for myself and how to go about it, and just full of gratitude.

Then I had an epiphany; I realized that the prior day or two leading up to my SPP, that I hadn't done any of these morning practices, and realized how much of a positive difference the breathwork and meditation can have on setting up my day, on my outlook, and how they help handle reactions to situations.

Investing this time in yourself, really gets the day started off on much more positive mindset. I share this because sometimes,

even just dedicating a small amount of time to your own self care, can have a tremendous impact on your day and your outlook in life.

You probably know by now that this month I officially kicked off 'Heal with Breath' & breath meditations (Not Your Typical Meditation).

I'm so full of gratitude to receive such amazing feedback on how this breath is making a difference to some of you already.

Of course Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, but this feeling & experience of gratitude, of love, can get lost with the triggers of family, past events, and just the stress of it all.

This is why our November theme for 'Heal with Breath' workshop is Release & Heal Ancestral Ties. If you missed last weeks workshop, you can catch our next one on November 20th at Yoga By You - Niceville, FL.

This month, I've also held weekly breath meditations at Grateful Hearts Yoga - Crestview, FL, every Wednesday, except 11/23.

It occurred to me last night that as we don't have this weekly meditation next week, and given the amazing feedback received so far, why not reenter the world of Zoom!

So..... The exciting news...

on Wednesday (11/23)

I'm offering the breath meditation via Zoom.

The intent is to allow you to take a moment for yourself to release & give gratitude.

This active breath meditation will allow you to center & balance yourself. Preparing you to embrace & manage your Thanksgiving with grace & gratitude.

With your busy schedule, this will allow you to attend from wherever you are, whether your local or not.

To express my gratitude, this active breath meditation will be offered on a donation basis. If you desire to offer an energy exchange, you're welcome to.

If you're interested, want more info or you're ready to register, go to:

Once you register, look out for your confirmation and Zoom details via email.

Giving thanks to you and all that you are!



If you missed the updates from David Elliott's Breath Healer Training in New Mexico, you can catch them here:

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