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Discover why we have such different views with this User Manual to Your Mind

Do YOU wonder:

  • why you struggle to break a habit even when you know you’re doing something that’s not good for you (e.g. overeating, )?

  • how you & a friend, colleague, family member can see the same movie, read the same book/document and have a completely different view/interpretation of what you saw or read? Or why when siblings grow up in the same household, same parents, schools, teachers can have a drastically different view of their childhood?

  • why when one person loses a job and sees opportunity and another person sees the same event as a failure?

  • why some things seem to work for others ?

  • or maybe even why when I see red, you see pink?

This is the second call in our new group coaching call for Live Your Life on Purpose. Our topic was was why we have such different views from one another and includes a User Manual to Your Mind.

You can listen here:

Enjoy and register now for the next, and last complementary call here:

Feel free to share with others you know will enjoy.

Here’s to Living Your Yellow Brick Road & Your Life, on Purpose & with Purpose!


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Thank you for sharing this Joanne! Great information!

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