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Shout Out ! Useful Accomodation Tools

Here are another set of tools that have been the most useful to me personally on this journey.  So far, I used Airbnb and Agoda almost exclusively for discovering places to stay.

I’m sure by now that many of you have heard of Airbnb.  This has been one of the life savers for me in finding accommodation at a reasonable price but also I’ve had some great experiences.  The most memorable experiences with Airbnb for me have been with my hosts in Iquitos, Peru, Brasilia, Brazil and Cianjur Indonesia.

The first time I used Airbnb my impression was that it was a site for individuals to host accommodations in their own homes.  I’ve found this is definitely not always the case and some folks post their hotels and business-run accommodations on the site.

Like anything else however, you must do your research and I’d also say be open with your expectations.  I’ve stayed in a range of places, some expectations were met, some exceeded, some surprising and unexpected.

If you have not used or booked Airbnb, click here to learn more and save on your first booking.

I discovered a few years ago during some travels throughout Asia.  For this segment of my journey, this site has been invaluable.  Even if I decide not to book via Agoda, it sometimes serves as a useful research and comparison tool.  Particularly in many Southeast Asian countries, I’ve found more competitive pricing on Agoda compared to Airbnb.

As with Airbnb and other tools, it’s important you also do your research here.

Have you used Airbnb or Agoda? What is your experience?

What other accommodation tools have you found useful ?

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