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Learn to use the drum for meditation, healing, & relaxation

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

It was my birthday just a couple of years ago that I was introduced to two amazing souls, Thom and Judy Dandridge of Pathdrummer, and to drums as a healing modality.

Going into their introduction class, I had no idea what to expect and, quite frankly, thought to myself ‘I’d never be good at that’ but, was pleasantly surprised when by using the drum I was able to go into a meditative state so easily.

The power and potential of Spirit Drumming are a gift

that should be shared with everyone!

Now, with great pleasure, I'm super-excited to host Thom & Judy (on my birthday) to share their extensive expertise and experience right here on tranquil Juniper Lake in DeFuniak Springs!



Spirit Drum Introduction

The drum is one of the oldest tools used in healing, meditation, relaxation and journeying.

Drawing on their extensive background in drumming and healing, Thom and Judy Dandridge of Pathdrummer bring you this drumming event as an opportunity to connect with frame drums in a deep and meaningful way.

In this beginner class, you will:

  • learn how to open up your ability to meditate, relax, and begin a healing process

  • learn how to use the drum to connect and become comfortable with your (or a borrowed) frame drum

  • learn the basics of reaching a meditative state using and playing the frame drum for yourself

  • discover how to open your intuitive self through the use of the drum

This event is for you, if you:

  • want an introduction to Spirit Drumming

  • want to learn how to use the drum for healing, meditation, relaxation, and journeying

  • want to deepen your spiritual connection

  • are just curious….

This class is small & personalized.

Ensure to register & make payment no later than March 1, 2021 to ensure your place at:

Investment: $50.00

Register and confirm your space now at:

Other Useful Information:

  • All levels and experience are welcome

  • Each class is fluid so if you've already attended one of these classes, please feel free to join us again.

  • You are welcome to bring your own personal frame drum or use one of the many available.

  • Dress casual & comfortable.

  • Session will take place indoors with a beautiful view of Juniper Lake, however, weather permitting, we may be outside.

  • There must be a minimum of four participants for the class to take place. If this is not met, you will be advised no later than one week prior.

For more about Thom, Judy & Pathdrummer, visit:

If you have questions regarding this event, please contact Judy at or Thom at +1-850-398-1352.

For more about Live Your Yellow Brick Road, visit:

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