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Don't Miss These Events Next Week!

WOW, it's already week three of 2021 and what a full, crazy ride it's been with wrapping up 2020, settling the kids back to school, and let's not talk about the 'C'-word or the 'P'-word!

So, isn't now the perfect time to take a break and find your inner calm with these upcoming events.

Space is limited on all events, so click here to secure you place or go to:

These January events will help you relax & find a bit of peace within! Details at:

Healing Meditation Circle:

Tuesday | January 26 | 6:30 - 7:30 pm CT

Live Your Yellow Brick Road, DeFuniak Springs

This is a gentle, guided meditation for beginners & experienced, infused with energy healing.

Only three spaces left, book now to reserve your space!


Sunday | January 31 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm CT

Lake Defuniak Yoga Studio, DeFuniak Springs

Treat yourself to this special "Self-Care Sunday" workshop aimed to refresh your energy with restorative yoga and the healing energies of Reiki.

This beautiful combination will bring balance, healing and relaxation to the body, mind and soul. (Click for more info & to register)

Spirit Drum Introduction:

Saturday | March 13 | 12:00 - 3:00 pm CT

Live Your Yellow Brick Road, DeFuniak Springs

The drum is one of the oldest tools used in healing, meditation, relaxation and journeying.

Drawing on their extensive background in drumming and healing, Thom and Judy Dandridge of Pathdrummer bring you this drumming event as an opportunity to connect with frame drums in a deep and meaningful way.

We will use frame drums to introduce you to the basics of reaching a meditative state using and playing the drum for yourself.

This is a beginner class that will help you learn how to use the drum to connect and become comfortable with your (or a borrowed) frame drum.

You will learn and understand how to open up your ability to meditate, relax, and begin a healing process.

You will also discover how to open your intuitive self through the use of the drum.

Only five spaces left, book now to reserve your space!

To your continued health & success!,


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