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What is NLP | Personal Breakthrough Experience ?

In the previous posts, we talked about why change is so hard. By now, you may have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and wondered what it’s all about and how it can help you in successfully achieving your goals and making lasting change.

If you’ve done some research, you probably have come across some very complicated explanations like these which I’ve pulled from the internet:

  • A psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

  • Psychology Today: NLP, a set of language-and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques intended to help improve the client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions.

That all sounds a bit complex doesn’t it? I like to keep things as simple and tangible as possible, so let’s take a simple scenario.

Have you ever gone to a reputable mechanic because there’s a problem with your car (reputable being key)?

You don’t know the cause of the problem or exactly what’s wrong, you just know something is not working. Sometimes you may even think you know what the problem is, but do you really know?

What does the mechanic do?

They listen to you and they look under the hood to assess the problem. Based on info you’ve provided, what they see or hear under the hood, their mechanical knowledge, and the car’s user manual, they then design a solution to address and fix the root cause of the problem, with their mechanical expertise and set of tools. The output is an improved car.

Well, simply put, NLP is a set to tools used by an experienced NLP practitioner to help you resolve a problem and make the improvements you want in your life & in yourself.

An experienced NLP practitioner will listen to you and based on their expertise they will assess your situation and needs and then design a program using various NLP tools specific to your needs, which enables you to address the root cause of the problem you're experiencing and help you achieve your desired outcome, successfully. This is what we refer to as a Personal Breakthrough Experience and I’ll share more detail on this in an upcoming video.

In the meantime, to learn more about NLP and a Personal Breakthrough Experience, click here or go to:


Live Your Yellow Brick Road


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