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Why Change is So Hard - Part 1

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

More and more we are in a constant flux of change. Change is no longer the exception, it's the rule, it's the norm, it's constant and occurs much more rapidly than ever before.

So why do we feel change is the exception and why do we struggle with change?

Let’s start by thinking about your mind as a piece of technology or an application.

Now, think about some applications programs you use on a regular basis like Instagram or our online banking system.

You the user, use Instagram or online banking as it was 'designed'. You can only use it within the constraints and limitations of how it was designed. For example, on Instagram (IGTV), the length of a video you can post is restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes, may be limited or the information that you can view or change within your online banking program maybe restricted, for instance accessing a transaction from 10 years ago.

How the software is programmed controls all that the user can do and it also stores and organizes all data which you’ve input.

So, what occurs if you try posting a video on Instagram that's longer than 15 minutes, or if you try to view transactions from 10 years ago, when your online banking only allows transaction up to 7 years?

That’s right, no matter how many times you try to post that long video, or view that 10-year-old transaction, you’re going to get error messages!

You are at the mercy of the software until it’s reprogrammed. Once this happens, the user and software will be in alignment.

Now, your mind, also consists of a user and software, which is your conscious and subconscious.

The user is the one thinking and consciously setting a goal, for instance you want to be at a certain weight or want to be earning a specific income.

The software, or subconscious, is driving the behavior based on its programming. For instance, following a good exercise regime and portion control.

So, what do you think happens when your user & software, or your conscious goal and subconscious behavior are not aligned? That’s right! you get error messages ! For instance….

  • You want to lose that 10 pounds, but your behavior doesn’t align with a healthy exercise regime or portion control, which the user consciously knows is needed to lose weight.

  • You want to increase your business, but you’re not taking the actions you consciously know are required to grow your sales.

  • You want a healthy, long-term relationship, but you continue end up in relationships with the same unhealthy patterns that are not aligned with what you consciously say you want

Again, this is because the user (conscious) and the software (subconscious) and are not aligned.

Your conscious is saying it wants one thing, but your subconscious was programmed to behave a different way and you struggle to make lasting improvements or change.

So….if you want to make successful and lasting change, you must update your software program.

Now, you may be wondering when and how subconscious us programmed and how you can change it and I’ll address this in Part 2 of Why Change is So Hard.

In the meantime, to learn more about change and how a Personal Breakthrough Experience can help you take back control of your life and help you achieve your goals, click here or go to:

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