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60+ amazing Natural Living Masters

Good Day,

In my last two updates, I mentioned to stay tuned for news on a new Natural Living App being launched on September 1. In this app I will be posting videos and information to expand on the work presented in my book Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy, so here you go! Are you dedicated to living a healthy, vibrant way of life? Are you ready for the freedom that comes from self-mastery?

THAT is so much what I want for you!

To never have to worry about a scale, tape measure, calorie counting, emotional eating or low energy ever again! To get there, and to achieve the body and life you want – it is valuable to draw from experts (aptly named “Natural Living Experts”) in the 3 key areas of nutrition, fitness & mindset.

That’s why I want to invite you to the free mobile app live-streaming event Natural Living Tour - Livestream, taking place starting September 1st, 2019. During this very unique mobile app livestream series, 60+ health & wellness gurus– including amazing people like Dr. Dan Pompa, Dr. Michelle Wolford, Dr. Peter Kan, Devin Burke, Ben Azadi, and yours truly – will help you blaze a path toward a balanced body, an empowered mind, and a passionate, fiery soul!

This livestream event features myself and other experts delivering our TEDx-style talk on health topics which are chock-full of illuminating wisdom and life-changing techniques for creating the body you want, developing a positive mindset, letting go of emotions that don’t serve, optimizing your health, sparking internal joy – and MORE! You’ll find that the more you learn to live in alignment with your natural essence, the more all the aspects of your life will become easier, more joyful and transformative. And you’ll become more inspired to create the life you want – and make your best contributions to the world.

That’s why I’m inviting you to learn more.

Whether it’s finally finding a way of eating that works for you, cultivating gratitude, or becoming unshakeable in your life, enjoying deeper emotional and mental freedom or living a powerfully inspired life – the information and guidance in this summit can be applied to you. Register for the Natural Living Tour Mobile App Livestream event now – and get ready to embark on a journey that promises to transform your life.

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