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You Can't Be Fixed

When it comes to your doctor or healer, have you found yourself wondering, ‘what is this person going to do to me, to make me better?', or 'what are they going to give me, to make me feel better?', or 'I wish I can find someone or something to fix me'.

With a Personal Breakthrough Experience, our approach is different.

Let me read an excerpt that is said to be a Sioux Legend from a book Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky:

The Creator gathered all of creation and said, ‘I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it.

It is the realization that they create their own reality.’

The eagle said, ‘Give it to me, I will take it to the moon.’ | The Creator said, ‘No, One day they will go there and find it.’

The salmon said, ‘I will hide it on the bottom of the ocean.’ | ‘No, They will go there too.’

The buffalo said, ‘I will bury it on the great plains.’ | The Creator said, ‘They will cut the skin of the earth and find it even there.’

The Grandmother Mole…who has no physical eyes but sees with spiritual eyes, said, ‘Put it inside them, for that is the last place they will look.’

The Creator said, ‘It is done.’

So, first...

nothing externally can ‘fix’ you

...and in a Personal Breakthrough Experience, we don’t believe you need to be fixed.

You also have all the resources within you, and the perfect solutions for your problem or situation.

As your NLP Coach, we utilize our skills and expertise to help you tap it these. This means that YOU are a part of the experience and solution and you’ll play an active role throughout the process.

To learn more about how a Personal Breakthrough Experience can help you take back control of your life and help you achieve your goals, click here or go to:

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life!


Live Your Yellow Brick Road

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