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Key Lessons of Writing a Nonfiction Book: Lesson #10

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The last update in this series, lesson #9, talked about perfection not being your ultimate goal. Today I'm going to dive right in with lesson #10.

Lesson #10: Publishing a book is more than being a writer

By now, you'll know that publishing a book, isn't just about writing. There's a lot more work and detail that goes into the process from the conception to the continuous marketing once a book is released. It's a full-on project that warrants a project plan.

If you've ever managed a project, you'll know that a single task may be stated in a very short sentence or bullet point. This doesn't mean that a single line item will be easy or quick. In fact, a bullet point could be a project in itself.

This is the same with publishing, each line item or task can be its own standalone project and quite time-consuming.

Here are some considerations (in no particular order) I took into account along my journey in writing Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy. I haven't detailed the depth behind each, as that would be a book itself!

  • Source a Publisher or Self-Publish?

  • If self-publishing, do you do all the work yourself or hire help?

  • What type of editing service/s is required?

  • Where to find experienced editors?

  • What format to offer: print, eBook, audio or a combination?

  • What should the book dimensions be?

  • What is the maximum number of pages you'd like to keep to?

  • Is an ISBN needed or not?

  • Should you formally register your work with the US Copyright Office?

  • Have you included anything that requires copyright permissions within your book? If so, have you obtained copyright permissions?

  • Who will design your print and eBook covers?

  • Will the printed book cover be hard, soft or both?

  • What binding will be used when printing?

  • What type of finish will the printed book cover have?

  • Who (or how) will convert your manuscript to format for print and eBook?

  • What printer will you use and where will you print?

  • What channels will you use for distribution?

  • Where will you distribute, geographically?

  • How will you distribute your book via your designated channels and geographic locations?

  • How will you market your book (before, during, and after publication)?

  • Will you hire expertise to assist with your marketing plan and activities?

  • Do you have an established following that you can continue to grow, or will you need to develop an audience from scratch?

  • How will you grow your existing audience or more specifically, your books target audience?

  • Is publishers/authors media liability insurance or intellectual property insurance required/recommended?

These are just a few of many considerations to account for when publishing your book. You'll find that each level of research you do and each bit of information you find will lead you to another resource and another, and another. Before you know it you'll have so many resources, it'll make your head spin. You'll then need to decide what's relevant and worthwhile for you. I've outlined some resources I've used below.

I've been asked, 'would you do it the same again?'. The answer isn't so black and white.

With every experience in life, you learn something new. So, as I start my next book, I'll account for any new requirements or differences in this new project (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, desired outcome, and so on), I'll apply the knowledge gained along this specific journey, and adapt as necessary.

If you've enjoyed the lessons in this series, I'd love to hear your comments.

Happy writing,



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Note: These are being shared as a courtesy; I'm not endorsing any, nor do I receive any financial gain on my part. As with anything important decision, ensure you do your due diligence based on your requirements.

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