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Falling into Place

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

If you've been following my journey or blog over the past three years, you'll know that my travelling in South America and Southeast Asia for two years wasn't about the travel. It was about a life change. I knew my end goal was to help others, and I wanted to accomplish this in part by creating a Health & Wellness Center. I had initial ideas, I just wasn't sure how I was going to get there.

As I now settle back home in the US, to a new place, in small town, uncertain if and when I'd begin making meaningful connections, any doubts begin to melt away.

I guess like anything, it's step by step, and as I was travelling one thing led to another and another, which led me to where I am now, here in DeFuniak Springs. This month is a great example of the many pieces of the puzzle beginning to fall into place.

Falling into Place

Really exciting news! Last Thursday, I received the first copies of my published book, Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy, just in time for the Main Street DeFuniak Farmers Market! This was a significant milestone to be able to see, feel, and smell all the months of work put into making this a reality.

Natural Healing Techniques,Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy by Joanne Klepal arrived!
Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy has arrived!

So, DeFuniak Springs, you are the first to receive this newly published book! If you haven't purchased your copy, visit our Defuniak Wellness Ambassadors table on August 16 at the farmers market to get your signed copy! You can visit Amazon for more information, and buy locally for the best special launch offer.

The next piece coming into place, is the start of my vision for a Health & Wellness Center.

I was honored to host Cynthia Mitchell's, New Moon Ceremony on DeFuniak's serene Juniper Lake. All the stars aligned with a gathering of beautiful people, a beautiful clear sky, perfect temperature, in a natural environment, and freshly mown grass (ha, ha).

On August 9, Cynthia and I will be offering a Reiki & Restorative Yoga at CrossFit Lake DeFuniak. This is slow and gentle yoga combined with healing energies, a perfect way to end a hectic week, especially if you've been preparing for 'back to school'! Click here to learn more.

On August 18, I will offer a Reiki Meditation Circle on tranquil Juniper Lake. This class is a gentle introduction to meditation and healing energies. Meditation should be easy, so if you're envisioning you'll have to sit cross-legged on the floor, don't worry, we sit in chairs :-). This is perfect introduction, if you've ever wanted to try meditation and didn't know how or wanted to learn more about energy. Click here to learn more.

In September, I am offering the first Reiki Level 1 & 2 training in DeFuniak Springs.

Reiki is a wonderful gift & offers so many incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Reiki training is for you if you want to: take better care of yourself | develop yourself & want deeper healing | increase your self-awareness | help, family, friends, and animals | learn more about energy healing. Click here to learn more.

Meaningful Connections:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful souls I've had the honor to connect with over the past six months in DeFuniak, and if you're from the area, I know you'll already know these wonderful souls! There are quite a few, so I'm going to stick with those in relation to this update.

Cynthia Mitchell: My first impression when meeting Cynthia, was that she is a wise old soul, in a young body on this earthly plane. She's got great ideas, is open minded, thinks out of the box, and takes yoga and vegetarian meals to new levels. Click here to visit her site.

Amy Meyer: To my fellow local author; love her calm energy in this hectic world. I'm amazed how she keeps it all together with so much going on! Click here to check out her awesome, Day by Day Creative Journal.

Joanne & Amy; DeFuniak Springs authors at the Main Street Farmers Market
Joanne Klepal & Amy Meyer: DeFuniak Springs authors at the Main Street Farmers Market

Carrie Dockery: For her openness to share and support of local businesses along with her passion in keeping DeFuniak strong and fit at CrossFit Lake DeFuniak.

Whitney Davidson: For keeping us balanced with her Yin yoga.

Together we are now DeFuniak's Wellness Ambassadors !

Check out our new Facebook page Wellness in Defuniak

DeFuniak Wellness Ambassadors at Main Street Farmers Market (Carrie, Amy, Whitney, Cynthia, Joanne)
DeFuniak Wellness Ambassadors at Main Street Farmers Market (Carrie, Amy, Whitney, Cynthia, Joanne)

Stay Tuned:

Keep an eye out on Amazon next week for the paperback version of Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy.

In support of the book, I will be posting videos related to Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy on a new Health & Wellness app, called Natural Living App. You'll find many videos and articles from many renowned doctors and healing practitioners. I'll share more in the next couple of weeks.

To your good health,


P.S. Be in the know! Click here to receive updates, tips and special offers on my book release and join Facebook @LiveYourYBR. You can also forward the link to friends, family and colleagues that also want to be it know:

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