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Coronavirus: Find Your Calm in the Chaos

Another way I stay sane throughout this corona-virus era is to

  1. remember I have what I need within me

  2. utilize the tools I already have at my disposal.

We forget what we already know or what tools & resources are at our disposal, forget we ALL have our own internal arsenal of resources, that are just right for us.

As energy healers, it's also easy to forget to practice self-care. This corona-virus timeout, has pushed me to refocus & get back into the habit of applying tools for my own self-care (body, mid & soul) with more discipline, specifically Reiki, mediation, and breathwork.

For example, I love the meditation and breathwork from Dr. Joe Dispenza & pulled out some of his guided meditations. I use Reiki on myself often, now, I am applying a more disciplined approach, e.g. as I wake up in the morning along with taking moments of gratitude.

You know the saying about finding the calm within the chaos, these tools are perfect for finding the calm & peace within & help me stay grounded and balanced.

I find breathwork helps move lingering energy that I no longer need or that no longer serves me (e.g. old emotions). The meditation helps me to be more mindful, about what I'm thinking and disciplines me to let go of negative thoughts. Reiki helps me to remain calm, some clients also say it's like a meditation for them as well. I believe it also helps maintain my immune system.

My passion is helping others & one of the goals I set for this year was to offer my services remotely; conducting personal breakthrough sessions remotely, giving reiki sessions from a distance, and so on.

This time of social (physical) distancing presented the perfect moment to kick this off. A week ago I offered a free group distant Reiki session to anyone that wished to receive. Next week I will offer my monthly Reiki Mediation Circle as a virtual online event.

Reiki Mediation Circle is a gentle guided meditation combined with the healing energy of distant Reiki. You might be thinking how can that be done online, well, you already know that everything is made up of energy which vibrates at different frequencies.

Reiki is an omnipresent universal life energy, which flows through us all. I'm sure you've also experienced a time when you were thinking of somebody & they phoned you right? That's energy and it has no space & time limitations. This is the same with Reiki, it works distantly without space and time limitations.

Given these fearful and uncertain times, this meditations focus will be on releasing inappropriate fear.

As I want to help as many as possible, this first virtual session will be via donation only. Only donate what you can, if you can.

If these tools can help you find your calm in the chaos, you can find more information and reserve your place at:

Share what are you doing to find your calm, your balance and how are you staying grounded. What tools do you have at your disposal?

Continue to care for your mind, body & soul and wash your hands regularly.


Live Your Yellow Brick Road FB & IG: @LiveYourYBR

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