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Have You Heard, Audio is Here!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Have you heard the fantastic news? Natural Healing Techniques, Get Well & Stay Well with Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy is now available in audio on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!

When I published Natural Healing Techniques last year, I never considered publishing an audio version, let alone doing it myself. Needless to say, this came with some interesting learnings.

My goal was to finish this recording by the end of March (2020). In fact, I actually completed the recordings on my birthday, mid-March.

I then wanted to complete a full review of the recording and make additional edits, but as I had been stuck in the closet, literally, for two weeks recording, I decided to come out for some fresh air and get some other work done.

Of course, had I known the world would be turned upside down in the matter of days, I would have stayed in the closet.

I submitted the recording to ACX (who distributes the audio version) for review, officially on March 30. Their normal review process takes up to 30 days, for approval or rejection. Well, 30 days in, still no news. Forty-five days in and a couple of chasers, still no news.

Now, there is some serious nail biting happening as thoughts toss around in my head... this really taking so long because of COVID-19,

or are they going to reject it!?!

I REALLY don't want to go back to the closet!

More than 60 days in, and the loss of my finger nails, (ha, ha), I finally received the approval! Whew, thank you!

Needless to say, I'm so excited to share this milestone with you!


Now more than ever it’s so important for us to understand the root cause of our pain and disease and to utilize natural, holistic ways to assist our bodies in the self-healing that it is capable of when we take care of it.

It's even more crucial to understand the impact that our lifestyle habits on today's illnesses so we can act and make informed decisions to improve our health, which can be significantly improved with small lifestyle changes.


I am thrilled to offerNatural Healing Techniques, in print, eBook, and audio, and hope that it will be of use along your health journey today.

Thank you for your support and to your continued health & well-being!



Get your copy today:

Print & eBook:

Audio (Audible, Amazon, iTunes):


Let others know!

Did you know that 70% of people check reviews on Amazon before buying a book product from any source?

If you've already enjoyed reading Natural Healing Techniques, I'd be grateful if you would take one moment to write a review on Amazon, as your review will help other readers determine whether Natural Healing Techniques is right for them.

Shout out:

I was able to produce this audio book with the help of Derek Doepker's program Audio Books Made Easy. Until now, I've had no experience with audio recordings, and quite frankly, would not have bothered.

Derek's program was a step-by-step process which enabled me to produce the audio book without having to learn all the ins and outs of recording or the technicalities, saving me hours of time and headaches.

If you're considering an audio book, don't know where to start or have limited experience, I'd highly recommend it.

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