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I hear an Audio coming!

Celebrating a BIG milestone today on my goal to create an audio version of Natural Healing Techniques by the end of March. Like any new project there were certainly numerous learnings.

Along with those noted earlier this month, here are a few others:

  • Give yourself more time than you think you'll need, have PATIENCE. Especially if you have a metal roof and days of rain.

  • The editing process is just as long (and tedious :-)) as editing your print version, albeit in a different way. Practice PATIENCE.

  • Recording really makes you pay attention to your enunciation.

  • I never realized how much some of my 's' words sound like 'sch…', almost like having a sock in your mouth :-).

  • Be prepared for bumps and when you think your're finished, expect something else e.g., when I thought I was nearly finished with the audio submission process, I learned I needed to reformat my book cover. I wrongly assumed I could use the image of the printed book cover. Practice PATIENCE.

  • Spread your recording out over time, not try to cram it into a day or two. Practice PATIENCE.

  • Before you begin recording, listen to the sound and pace of your previous days recording to help keep it consistent. I was surprised how the volume and pace could vary from one day to the next.

  • Do your research in advance. I reviewed all of the all of the training and ACX requirements before starting, well…. most of it.

When I published Natural Healing Techniques, I never imagined I'd be releasing an audio version and certainly not in my own voice! I never imagined my closet would become a recording studio; what a tight squeeze that was!

SHOUT OUT: This would not have happened so soon after the print publication if it weren't for Derek Doepker. His online training was a step-by-step guide from the required equipment, to the recording, formatting and submission.

Derek's training was specially geared to the task of recording audio books, and there was no need to spend unnecessary time learning every aspect of the audio technology. Derek was available and responsive in reviewing the test samples and reviewing an error I had when uploading the files.

I certainly had a few 'oh sh#@!' moments myself, but well worth the experience and hitting today's milestone.

NOW, fingers crossed the quality and consistency meets the audible requirements!

If you want healthy tools to give your immune system an extra boost now during corona virus, the ebook and print versions are available at:

Continue to stay healthy, wash your hands and keep your distance.


FB & IG: @LiveYourYBR

Lessons on recording an audio book
My closet turned into recording studio !

Celebrating a milestone !

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