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Lasting Change - How to Achieve Your Goal Successfully

In the previous posts, you learned how our mind consists of a user (your conscious) and software, (your subconscious), and change is hard when our conscious and subconscious are not aligned or in rapport with each other.

One of the ways to align your conscious and subconscious, so you can make changes easily and successfully reach your goals, is to update its operating system or reprogram your values, beliefs, and so on stored in your subconscious.

You already know your subconscious plays a critical role and much of the programming occurs from the time we’re born until age seven.

The subconscious stores emotions, values and beliefs. It also stores and organizes our memories. It protects us by repressing traumatic memories and unresolved negative emotions until we’re ready to address them.

It runs the body; think about it, we don’t consciously do anything to make our heart pump do we? We don't consciously tell ourselves to breathe every second of the day or pump blood throughout our body.

The subconscious does a lot more, but you can see just by this, what an important role it plays.

Every emotion, every belief, every value we have has a starting point. Overtime, these get bigger and bigger, and has a snowball effect. They grow deeper and deeper, embedding themselves into our psyche.

So, if you’re storing an inappropriate negative emotion or belief which was created in childhood, it continues to snowball and impacts the decisions we make and impacts our behaviors in adulthood.

Think of your mind like a piece of land full of brush, if you want to build you have to clear the brush first, right?

Or an empty closet in your new home. Overtime you fill it up, and if you don’t sort through it and clear it out, overtime, you have no space and it no longer functions.

If you want to stop weeds from growing in your garden, does it do any good to cut them with the weed whacker or strimmer? No, because they’ll just grow back.

So….when was the last time you had a good clear out of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs you’ve stored up since your were born?

Think about some of your beliefs? Where did they come from? Are they still valid? How are they limiting you today?

Our outdated beliefs, values, and emotions may not be in alignment with what we consciously want now, so a good clear-out is necessary and NLP tools allow us to do this.

Your limiting decisions are a combination of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and a conflict of values. Most of which we’re not aware of because they’re stored subconsciously.

In a Personal Breakthrough Experience, your NLP practitioner will use their skills and tools to help turn these the negative emotions and negative thinking to positive ones, turn limiting beliefs into new empowering beliefs, and help you resolve any value conflicts, which enable you to make new empowering decisions, and have successful outcomes.

Now there are three important components for long term change.

The first is to update your software’s programming /operating system (subconscious) by removing the root cause of negative emotions & thinking, limiting beliefs, and resolving conflicts in values. This is what we do in a Personal Breakthrough Experience.

The second is taking action, this could be changing your behavior (embracing an exercise regime), it could be removing yourself from situations or circumstances (from an abusive relationship) or establishing new boundaries.

The third is focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want. I’ll touch more on this in a future post.

To learn more about how a Personal Breakthrough Experience can help you take back control of your life and help you achieve your goals, click here or go to:

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life!


Live Your Yellow Brick Road


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