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A Spiritual Journey in Abadiânia

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

You may have gathered from my earlier posts that my journey is not ‘just’ about the travel, this is also a journey of personal development, spiritual growth and continuous change. At times, these are intertwined and this is such a case.

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge right up front that what I will attempt to describe may seem a bit abstract and esoteric. Some will immediately understand and resonate with it, and for others, it may be completely incomprehensible. Whatever it may be for you, it’s absolutely OK.

Casa: View of the Valley

I don’t remember exactly when, but it certainly was a few years back, prior to my conscientious spiritual awareness, I recall seeing a documentary on a person called ‘John of God’ [João de Deus], a Brazilian miracle healer.

He was known to cure the incurable and perform operations without having any medical training. I remember finding it all very interesting, but never imagined at that time I would be in his presence.

Even as I was brainstorming my world trip, Brazil was not on my immediate list, let alone visiting John of God. In my mind, I thought it would be a place that would be ‘too commercialized’ and ‘overrated’ which just doesn’t appeal to me.

As my world trip became closer to becoming reality, I happened to come across two or three people who said they had recently been to Abadiânia and said it was a ‘must go’ and the ‘energy’ was just incredible. As it ticked a few of my boxes such as mystical experiences, spiritual growth, etc., I decided to make go for it.

So this is what brought me to Brasilia; it was a pit stop en route to Abadiânia, Brazil, where John of God bases his work at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

I did some basic reading on John of God before arriving, but not much. I wanted to keep an open mind. In my head, I must have thought I would ‘receive some spiritual healing’, and then I’d be gone. Of course that’s pretty broad, isn’t it, and I was in for a surprise.

There are quite a few books you can read on John of God to gain a much better understanding of who he is, how he came to do what he does and more about the processes and procedures at the healing center known as Casa de Dom Inacio [the Casa].

I will share here what I have learned from my experience, but is not meant to be an entire write up on John of God or all of the goings on at the Casa. There’s enough information readily available elsewhere and I’ve included some resources at bottom of this page and throughout if you’d like to learn more.

So, who is John of God, who is João de Deus?

He is Joao Teixeira de Farias and is a powerful medium. Best stated from, he ‘receives incorporation from spiritually advanced beings such as St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, St. Francis of Assisi and many others’.

He states very clearly that ‘he’ does not cure anyone;

it is God who heals and enables the entities incorporated through him to heal.

He states that when the ‘entities’ incorporate in him, he has no recollection and it’s as if he is asleep.

I’ve included an excerpt from as it pretty much states what all the literature does about John of God’s history. Of course, if you perform an online search of John of God, you will also come by controversial accusations and a wide range of opinions.



João Teixeira da Faria was born on June 24, 1942 in a small village in central Brazil . His father was a tailor, and despite his efforts working as a tailor, João and his family were often faced with hunger and poverty. As a child, he displayed clairvoyant abilities. Because of his innate rebellion, João’s formal education was cut short after only two years. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise that allowed him to develop in such a way to better serve the future that was ahead.

It was not until João was a teenager that his life was transformed forever. At sixteen he traveled to Campo Grande to begin a job as a tailor. For unknown reasons, the job was terminated its first day. With the reality of hunger and poverty staring João in the face, he was filled with despair. He went swimming in a nearby creek to refresh himself and wash away his anxieties.

Then suddenly, he heard a voice call his name. He was amazed to see a beautiful, fair-haired woman next to a tree. He sat near her, and they spoke for a long time. Later that night João realized she was Saint Rita of Cassia. With many questions still unanswered, he returned to the same spot the next morning hoping to speak to her . A beam of light sparkled in the place where she had stood and her voice then emerged from the light. She instructed him to go to a Spiritist center in town where the people there were expecting him. Not understanding the meaning of this, he nonetheless did what he was told.

When he arrived at the church, members were indeed expecting him. Then João lost consciousness. When he woke up a few hours later, he apologized for passing out and explained it was due to hunger. To João’s surprise, a senior member told him he had not merely passed out but that he had incorporated the spirit of King Solomon.

He went on to say that in those three hours that he couldn’t remember, João had healed many people and performed amazing surgeries. João naturally thought this was a mistake. But after he was served a meal and more discussion took place, João began to reflect on the possibility that this could be true. So began the spiritual career of João de Deus, (John of God) as he is affectionately known, whose healings have benefited hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

I’d personally like to highlight these statements:

It is a place where the entities, with our efforts help us make energetic shifts within the complexities of our karma and other factors. They have the power to shift and raise our vibration and manipulate our energy field for the better.

It is not a place where one time healing fixes everything. There entities are very clear when they say, ‘There is no magic – go to work”. 

Subsequent to this original blog post, note: Joao Teixeira Da Faria is no longer working at the Casa De Dom Inacio, however it continues to be the healing centre it has been since 1978. For forty one years people have visited and continue to visit this small town in central Brazil to receive emotional, physical and spiritual healing. The entities are still working and helping as they always did. The healing energy in the current room, the casa, the waterfall, and the streets of Abadiania, in the guesthouses, even in our own homes far away– the powerful work continues.

Casa: Garden View

When I arrived at the Casa and Abadiânia I purchased two books and hired a ‘guide’ in order better understand what to expect and to walk me through the procedures and the day to day logistics. Both books were instrumental and supplemented the information provided by my guide (listed below).

My guide walked me around to familiarize me with the set up. She told me the following day she was taking other clients to the ‘waterfall’ and I was welcome to join. Of course I would.

I learned later that, technically, you should only go to the waterfall if the entities advise. In hindsight, I feel it was OK to be there, can you take a guess why?   Yes, before we even got to the waterfall entrance the water started flowing from my eyes. The entities were already beginning their work with me and I knew they were clearing away some of the energies which were no longer needed.

We discussed what the best approach for me was and I agreed I would formalize for her the areas I wanted to focus on and we would discuss this the next day.

This is an exercise all too familiar with me as I like to regularly check in on my goals and areas I want to work on. These include everything from work, to spiritual, to family and friends, to financial, to areas of growth, etc. I try to do this more formally once or twice a year and typically keep track of my progress quarterly. Of course this will vary depending based on my goals and how significantly they change.

We subsequently met and reviewed these. We agreed to focus on three ‘physical’ aspects as most everything on the physical level is a result of an underlying emotional [emotions are energy] element.  Aren’t physical issues a manifestation of something deeper?

For example, I may say that I want to physically see with 20/20 vision. What does this really mean? What is it about seeing or things I may not want to see, that’s going on in my life? Make sense? It’s not necessarily about the ability to see with 20/20 vision.

I learned that through John of God, the entities perform ‘visible’ [physical] and ‘non-visible’ [aka invisible or spiritual] surgeries/interventions. I don’t like to be cut up or have instruments prodding and probing into me, no thanks! so elected the invisible, as did most others.

John of God is present at the Casa three days a week, Wednesday – Friday. The process is very well structured but for the first-timer and non-Portuguese speaking, it can be overwhelming to figure it all out. My guide was with me every step of the way.

Casa: Garden View

On the day I was to see the entity, we walked through what is known as the ‘current’ room; there are two ‘current’ rooms.   The first is where ‘mediums’ sit and cleanse the room of people who walk through the room.

Anyone is welcome to sit in the current rooms once they have seen the entity at least once. This is another place where healing is taking place and it helps the entities energetically.

I then walk through the second current room which is where I’m seen by the incorporated entity and ask for assistance with the three items my guide and I agreed on.  If necessary,  recommended action is advised.

I’m of the opinion that the entities already know what you need at this point in time and that they work with and on you, primarily on a spiritual level.  It’s still important that you make an effort and that you are introspective and understand what it is you want and want to get out of your visit.

Once I see the entity, which by the way may only take seconds, I walk to the ‘intervention’ room where the entity/s perform the invisible interventions.

You may be asking, ‘what is an invisible intervention’? The Casa’s guide states an invisible intervention ‘…could be Intervention to resolve a current physical ailment, Intervention to affect your energy in order to resolve a future health problem or Intervention to clear some spiritual issue that is affecting your life and your mission’.

It’s important to treat an invisible intervention just as you would a physical operation/intervention. For example, the guidance is to rest, rest, rest immediately after the invisible intervention. You should go back to your room and take bed rest for at least 24 hours. This also means having any meals delivered to you for the first 24 hours, and NO physical exercise or lifting heavy objects for at one full week after the intervention.

You’ll already know from my previous posts that I just came from three trips in which I had little or no access to the internet. Well of course, not knowing about the bed rest, I had it in my mind that I’d be in a location where FINALLY I could get connected and catch up. Imagine my surprise when my guide told me that as I had asked for something related to my eyes, in addition to the bed rest, I was not to read or write [including my telephone, laptop, etc.] for seven days!

During my first 24 hours of bed rest I noticed I started to develop a rash. It was very odd and started on one side of my face, went to the back of my neck and then up the other side of my face. It didn’t last long, and quite frankly, I was glad of any physical signs that the entities may be working on me after the intervention. Because it is invisible, it is very easy not appreciate work has been done.

There are a couple other guidelines which you are advised of. First, if it is your first ever intervention, then no sexual activity for forty days, that’s right forty days. This interferes with the energies of the intervention. If you’ve had previous interventions, then this will be for eight days.

It’s also advised that you shouldn't have ‘energy’ work done on you by other people for the same period of time. This was a huge concern of mine because back in July, I had booked to attend an advance workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza, which was scheduled for about a week or so after I was planning to leave Abadiânia. [More about Dr. Joe in future posts].

You are prescribed an herbal supplement after the interventions which is called passiflora [passion fruit]. It is clearly explained the passiflora has no medicinal value, however its value is in the energy that the entity has placed in it for you. There are some guidelines with taking the supplement, such as no alcohol, no spicy foods, but it’s nothing too extreme.

Because I had two invisible interventions during my stay, I had two sets of supplements.  While taking the first set I noticed that my fingernails were actually growing and were strong, for this first time EVER in my life.  As soon as I started taking the second set, they went back to normal, but still remain stronger than ever.

A week after your invisible intervention, your stitches are removed by the entities during the night. After this takes place, you can go back to the entity and ask for assistance in other areas or ask for any revisions, for example if there is more that needs to be done on your original request.

I didn’t want to be greedy so chose a ‘revision’ and on the first instance was instructed to have a massage by a few people that are instructed with the Casa and the entities. Mind you, this may all sound nice to have a massage, but it isn’t what you’d expect. The only way I can articulate it is an ‘energetic’ massage. It’s the first and only time to date I cried a river of tears during a massage. Again releasing stagnate or energies no longer serving a purpose for me at this time.

While I was in Abadiânia, I spent some time meditating in the ‘current’ room as well as having another invisible intervention.  

Had I not had the Joe Dispenza already booked and been under full penalty, I would have stayed in Abadiânia another two weeks, at least. The Casa was an incredibly peaceful [and energetic] place to be and while there, I’d find myself ‘releasing’ throughout.

So what does all this mean? Is there a point to this?

For me, this is just another step in my continuous transformation, as they say ‘peeling off another layer of the onion’. A bit of chipping away at the old so the ‘diamond’ can shine through.

While at Abadiânia, I wouldn’t say I underwent immediate, visible, transformations that I am consciously aware of at this time, however I know work was done and will continue to be done, so long as I want it.  I also know that some transformations take effect over time.

I love the times when I’m not thinking about a change I want to make and voilà, out of the blue it hits you that you’ve changed, or a behavior or pattern has changed because you are doing something different than what was previously your old habit, thinking, etc..

In hindsight, I would have been more diligent in preparing myself before visiting the Casa and would recommend for any one considering a first time visit to do the same.

I am grateful to:

  1. have had the opportunity to visit the Casa

  2. João Teixeira da Faria for dedicating his life and time for so many to have this experience, along with others at the Casa that support these efforts

  3. the entities for making themselves present in this lifetime and for helping so many

  4. for the healing they provide and help facilitate to me along my journey

Prior to this, have you heard of John of God?

Have you had any experiences with John of God that you can share?

Do you know anyone else who has?

I’ve included a video on YouTube from the Discovery Channel which was one of the best I could find online. There are many more which you can find by your own online search and some below.   Everything you see about the Casa in this Discovery video, is as it was when I was there, including the visible interventions.


I had the good fortunate to stay at Pousada Octogono. It provided a space where one can be introspective, close to the Casa but away from all the other buzz, and close to nature. Here are some pictures.

My pousada

View from the bathroom of pousada

Sounds of nature surrounding pousada

Cat that camped out on my balcony during my rest period

Sunrise view from my pousada

View from my pousada

My favorite little café in Abadiana

Check your toothbrush before you out it in your mouth – critter in sink

Look before you sit: critter in toilet
Monkey on my balcony at pousada

Happy Journeys!


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Please note that I don’t support or have any interest in any links or references I’ve provide here, or on any other post.  They are references I have found in my own research that you may or may not find useful.


John of God, The Brazilian Healer Who Has Touched the Lives of Millions, by Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler.

John of God, A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil', by Mytrae Meliana

Nosso Lar: An Account of Life in a Spirit Colony in the World of Spirits, by Francisco Cândido Xavier


Controversial References:


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