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Don't Miss These January Events!

I hope you and your family found peace and calm amongst the chaos of the holidays.

Isn't hard to believe we're already a week into 2022! We're excited to kick 2022 off with some holistic mind-body-soul events this month. You'll see we're continuing some of your favorite events and adding some new ones.

First up, is Tee Pee Yoga & Meditation at Alaqua Animal Refuge's new Freeport location. Alaqua is launching Kindness Collective in partnership with Eka Earth.

Learn more below about these events and others below.

Space is limited on all events, so click here to secure your place or go to:

Tee Pee Meditation:

Sunday | January 9 | 3:00 pm CT

Alaqua Animal Refuge, Freeport

Introducing Alaqua’s Kindness Kollective, an expansion of healing modalities that utilize the powerful effects of animal interactions in healing the human mind, body, and heart. The Kindness Kollective will be offering weekly and monthly yoga, meditations, therapeutic art experiences, Jin Shin Jhitsu, grief counseling, equine interactions, and energy healing.

On January 8 & 9 we launche our first weekly events of yoga & meditation inside the tepees at Alaqua’s new home.

Note: Alaqua Animal Refuge is currently not open to the public. They are still in the process of getting things arranged for a Grand Opening this spring. Walking around the property and touring the premises is not available at this time.

Meditation Circle:

Tuesday | January 11 | 6:30 pm CT

Live Your Yellow Brick Road, DeFuniak Springs

If you’re ready to unwind, leave your stressful state behind, and walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed, join our monthly meditation.

Each meditation includes a special theme to help you:

· Relax

· Release emotional blocks

· Balance your chakras and energy centers

· Feel grounded

· Let go of what no longer serves you

· And more…

Restore & Renew:

Sunday | January 16 | 5:00 pm CT

Grateful Hearts Yoga Studio, Crestview

Treat yourself with well deserved self-care & healing with the rejuvenating power of restorative yoga paired with energetic cleansing.

Relieve Stress Naturally with EFT:

Saturday | January 22 | 2:00 pm CT

Grateful Hearts Yoga Studio, Crestview

Is your stress causing you to be anxious, tense, and worried? Is it causing you to have headaches?

If you are looking for holistic and natural ways to reduce and eliminate your stress without popping pills to relieve your symptoms, then join this beginner’s course that will walk you through the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping.

EFT is a natural, simple, practical, and easy to learn technique which will help you in your everyday life with managing and eliminating stress, headaches, anxiety, pain, limiting beliefs, manage your emotions, and much more.

Owl in the Wind Sound Bath Journey:

Saturday | January 29 | 5:00 pm CT

Live Your Yellow Brick Road, DeFuniak Springs

This sound bath journey guides you into a deep meditative state while you’re enveloped in ambient healing sound.

Wishing you vibrant health in 2022!


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